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ZjR - Zeitschrift für junge Religionswissenschaft • ISSN 1862-5886

Information for reviewers
Read about a really sophisticated idea recently? But not so impressed with these other titles? Itching to comment on both? Great! ZjR provides you with a forum to introduce your critical thoughts on recent publications to a wider public. We are interested in any material relevant to the academic study of religions — be it books, article collections, films and movies, or software.

Only one condition applies: ZjR isn't an advertisement space for poor students reproducing publishers' catalogue blurbs. We want your heart and soul, legitimate praise or criticism — based on your analysis and in accordance with ZjR's general guidelines for publishing articles.

Here we offer you two formats for writing: (1) You can write an old-school review or (2) an in-depth review essay. Does that wet your appetite? Hungry for reviewing? OK, so what's next? Generally, there are two options:

  • Option 1: You can subscribe to our Bookreviews newsletter. Every few months we will inform you on books that are currently waiting to be reviewed by you in our journal.
  • Option 2: : If you already know of a particular book/ movie/ software etc., you should contact us immediately. If we find your selection interesting and relevant for the academic study of religions, we will endeavour to help you receive a review copy from the publishers.

Informationen for publishers
Since its launch in May 2006, ZjR has been available to readers both within and outside academia. As an open access project and e-journal, ZjR is listed in numerous library databases and is therefore heard in disciplines concerned with the academic study of religions. Supported by the German Association for the Study of Religions and sustained by both an academic and a student advisory board, ZjR has quickly attracted attention — and not only from within the study of religion.

We can offer you our popularity, which is consistently increasing due to the bilingual nature of the ZjR project. Contact us for a cooperation to benefit from the critical voices of students who will review your books, article collections, films and movies or software. Use this chance to introduce yourself to a constantly growing circle of 'young' scholars.
Seize all our contents are published under a creative commons licence, all reviews can be used again and easily copied to other websites or off-line mediums — under indication of the original source and under conditions applying to our licence.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us; publications can be sent to us at any time and without prior notice.

Contact for reviewers and publishers:
Vanessa Meier
University of Bern
Institut für Religionswissenschaft
Lerchenweg 36
CH-3012 Bern, Switzerland
vanessa.meier [æt] relwi.unibe.ch